F2V - trench convector with fan, heating or cooling, 230 V

Trench convector with fan, heating or cooling, 230 V

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F2V - trench convector with fan, heating or cooling, 230 V

The F2V trench convector is the ideal solution for any room with large glass windows where either heating or cooling is needed while achieving maximum output. High heating and cooling output is provided by 230 V fan together with a single-circuit heat exchanger. The noiseless fans (EC) have low power input and can be controlled with 0-10 V voltage control.The convector can be operated using room thermostat with control module (RMS) or with 0-10 V continuous control.

Heat exchangers are made from copper and aluminium, quickly react to the temperature requirements of the room and completely compensate for unpleasant cold penetration from the window.

This convector is designed for either heating or cooling. If you are interested in a different size, do not hesitate to contact us.


Standard InFloor F2V delivery includes:

  • duct made of galvanized sheet metal
  • condensate tray (along the entire length of the exchanger and connection) made from stainless steel sheet
  • Cu/Al heat exchanger, varnished in RAL 9005 black, ending with two pipes with internal thread G 1/2′′
  • tangential fan with 230 V EC motor and protective grille
  • sheet covering the connection to the piping system
  • manual air-vent valve
  • chipboard cover to protect the convector during installation
  • spacers to prevent the duct from deforming when pouring the floor
  • condensate drainage kit
  • accessory package: M8x30 levelling bolts, setting brackets for fixing the duct to the floor with anchor function in concrete, rubber grommets for the breakaway holes and flexible stainless steel connection hoses with gaskets

Optional delivery includes:

  • duct made of interior stainless steel sheet
  • control module (RMS)
  • room thermostat
  • acoustic isolation of the entire duct
  • thermostatic valve and shut-off valve
  • electrothermal valve actuator

Installation video of trench convector: